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Late in 1973 Radcliffe Nelson telephoned Ron Forbes with the suggestion that a cricket match between Old Josephians and Old Peterites living in Melbourne would foster and renew old friendships, camaraderie etc.- (however it also renewed the age old rivalry between the arch enemies).


Radcliffe informed Ron that he would organise a team of old Josephians, and asked him to form a team of old Peterites. Ron contacted Peter de Niese who with his brother Stephen contacted numerous old Peterites to form a team and after a few months of organisation the first old Josephian/ old Peterite cricket encounter took place in February 1974. The match was played at Tooronga Oval in Malvern, which does not exist today as the South Eastern/Monash Freeway runs over the area where the ground was. Needless to say the old Peterites won the first encounter and continued to do so for many years.


The first team to represent the old Peterites consisted of  Richard Heyn (Capt.) Wilhelm Hoffman, Mitchell Rabot, Tyrone Le Mercier, Peter de Niese, Everard Hoffman, Winston Tambimuttu, Tyrell VanderGert, Hamish Paternott, Nihal Gunewardene and Stephen de

Niese. This cricket match became an annual event, which continued for some years, being played at various venues. A Pre-Match Dance was held each year to raise funds for the hire of the ground, lunches etc. A great time was had by the players, spectators and well-wishers, and everyone involved looked forward to these annual events.


In 1979 Stephen de Niese suggested to Radcliffe Nelson, Ron Forbes and a few old Josephians and Peterites that we should form a Club to organise the annual Dance and Cricket match. Consequently, after the annual encounter, played at the Kingston Centre ground (in 1979) and on the premises of Heatherton Hospital, with more interested people turning up, the

Old Josephian-Peterite Social Club was formed. Brindley Jansz (old Josephian) was elected President. It was decided that the venue for the annual Big Match should be located fairly centrally for the convenience of the players, spectators, well wishers etc.


The Carnegie Cricket Club (Turf ground VJCA) was selected. The Big Match by this stage was attracting hundreds of spectators/supporters and became a major event amongst the Sri Lankan community. Soon the old Josephians and old Peterites were being challenged by old boys from other Colleges.

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    A “Memorial Mass” was offered for all Peterites who have gone before us, at the Church of The Resurrection Parish in Keysborough on the 26th June 2012. Father Brian Collins (P.P.) celebrated the Mass which was attended by twenty five Peterites and their families, on a very cold Winter’s evening in Melbourne.

    The Church Choir led by Rienzie Machado was excellent, as were the Hymns that were sung during Mass. The First Reading was from the Book of Kings and the Prayers of the Intercession included the reading by Rienzie Machado of the names of former Peterites – Students, Teachers and Religious now deceased.

    It was also my humble privilege to read the tribute, “A Memorial Reflection” on behalf of all the Peterite Community.

    The Mass offering and collection donated by the attendees came to a princely sum of $114 that was to the Church Building Fund in memory of the Peterites who have deceased. After Mass, everyone gathered in the Church Hall for some refreshments, and more importantly, to meet old friends in a spirit of faith and friendship. As a former Peterite, I take pride in thanking Rienzie Machado and Dalston de Rozairo for the wonderful organisation of this memorial legacy. I am equally sure; it is greatly appreciated by all. Mitchell Rabot 6th July 2012